Voices of Babylon

I have Google Voice set up for my phone, which is great as it makes me far more reachable wherever I am. It also provides a service that transcribes my voicemail.

Mirto has an accent that floats between Sweden, Greece and London. Google Voice is apparently confused by this which leaves me with wonderfully surreal messages that I like to imagine make sense to some parallel version of me. That or the messages have been translated to-and-from another language. Here is one I just received:

Hey, I’ve got that Boston’s in 5 minutes to take effect until about update,
I found at 12 o’clock shop. If you call me. Let me know what you want.
I was wondering. 14. I’m going to get the size of the coffee.

Italian photographer Stefano Bonazzi produces these wonderful surreal portraits. I particularly like this one as it reminds me of Magritte.