#DearJohn: An open letter to my representative

As you may have read about, there is a bill in the House of Representatives that is, apparently, the countries “highest legislative priorities”. This bill will deny vital medical care to many victims of rape and incest due to its introduction of the word “forcible” to differentiate between different levels of rape.

I don’t like to be open about my political standing, though anyone that knows me can probably guess just how far to the left I lean, and I don’t usually have much motivation to step up and be counted. However, I want to share the letter that I have written to my representative, Rep. Nancy Pelosi:

Rep Pelosi

I am writing to you today regarding HR3.

From what I understand of your background, and your previous position on similar matters, I feel confident that I don’t have to ask this, but I cannot stay quiet about this issue.

It is imperative that you vote ‘NO’ on HR3 and continue to protect those who were unable to protect themselves. This is not about conservative versus liberal, and it’s not about supporting abortion or contraception. This is about women who have survived an horrendous ordeal and need support and compassion more than ideologies.

This bill is a terrible affront to the women who have fought hard for their rights and will erode years of effort in a single stroke.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to seeing this bill defeated.

I cannot urge you enough to find your representative, find out about their background, and write to them. It is not enough to be outraged, you must be heard.

Putting it all out there

This weekend I finally finished a project 1 and made it publicly available. This is the first time I’ve put software that I’ve developed on my own out there and I’ve been running the gamut of emotions over it. I suspect the feelings I’m going through are something akin to a musician putting out an album, or an actor having their performance on the big screen, only much much geekier. Continue reading

  1. Well, got a project to the point where it’s usable by others

Pushnote: All talk and no trousers

PushNote is a new service that will be known, for good or ill, primarily for being announced over Twitter by Stephen Fry, who isĀ one of their investors. Similar attempts have been made in the past for a cross-site commenting platform, Google Sidewiki for example, and none have taken off. I really want a service like this to work as having a single point-of-entry for communication and discussion across all sites would be fantastic, but there are a few fundamental issues with this one that will stop me from subscribing to it wholesale at this time:
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Crying foul

I recently watched the Twilight movies and, having not read the books, and with no intention to do so, actually enjoyed them.

There, now that’s out-of-the-way, we can get on with the rest of this post. See, after I watched them, I wrote up a really long article defending the movies and arguing that the criticisms that are usually leveled at the franchise are, at best, easily dismissedĀ and, at worst, unwarranted. But then I realised that I don’t need to pick apart the criticisms piecemeal and I can write something much more general. So here goes, I hope you’re ready:

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