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The dog police, part 2

Part 1 here. And as I said at the end of that, it’s not over yet. After the last incident, I sent a friendly letter to our neighbourhood git suggesting politely that we might be adult about things and have a conversation about his issues with living next to Oliver. Failing that, perhaps we could reach […]

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So you think you can spot green-screen, cgi and compositing at work?

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Jamie Oliver’s talk in acceptance of the TED prize 2010. A brilliant talk reminding us why knowledge is such an important thing to share with the next generation.

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The dog police

It’s been a while since I’ve had any juicy stories to post, and this is a doozy. First, as always, a little background. In the first week in this new apartment, I had an interaction with my new neighbour. He was halfway down the corridor outside my apartment, I was at the door. We were a […]

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