So long, LucasArts

I have a lot of things to thank LucasArts for. If it wasn’t for Day of the Tentacle, Monkey Island, X-Wing, Tie Fighter, or the Dark Forces games, I would not have been drawn to programming as a career, and specifically game development.

Without the opportunity they gave me to lead the game development team at Lucasfilm Animation Singapore, I would not have realised how much I want to code rather than manage.

They brought me to the US, and specifically to San Francisco which is the best city I’ve ever lived in, and has rapidly become my home.

They gave me the chance to work on The Force Unleashed II,which was a phenomenal technical challenge and during which I learned a huge amount from some incredibly smart people.

Then, when it was time, they set me free to run wild, and gave me the chance to find a new challenge.

This whole path facilitated by them has led me to today, when I accepted a new job at somewhere I have wanted to work for years: Google.

So long, LucasArts, and thanks for all the fish.

Goodnight Eddie

When I last wrote about Eddie, it ended up being the day that I let him go. It had been a rough two weeks for him, and as much as I wanted to believe that he was going to get better any day, he wasn’t. I saw the x-ray images. I saw how much he was quietly suffering.

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