It’s an insert-thing-here off!

We are purging. As we unpack into our wonderful, but smaller, apartment in SF, it is time to rationalise and minimise and lots of other ise’s. So far, purging has hit the t-shirt collection, the tupperware collection, the jumper sweater collection, and today it was the turn of the bedsheet and towel collection. While it’s […]

Living on a prayer

Tonight was the Fünde Razor event in San Fran: A night of Rock Band, drinking, and raising money for a great cause. The night started at 7.30 with a modest showing: About twenty geeks of the highest calibre had decided to attend. I thought this was about expected. Imagine my surprise, then, when I came […]

Glenn Jones’ t-shirt designs

Link: Glenn Jones’ t-shirt designs I’m always on the lookout for interesting graphical t-shirts, and Glenn Jones has not disappointed with these great visual pun-tastic t-shirt designs. And yes, I’m posting it here partly so that I don’t forget the link when I come to buy a new round of t-shirts.

This looks like cheap CG, but it is apparently real. Don Pettit, an astronaut at the ISS, created this sequence from still images he shot of the Aurora Borealis, or the Northern Lights. Bonus points if you watch in higher quality and spot Orion peaking over the edge of the Earth. Animated Aurora Borealis, from […]


Box. Box box box. Box box. Bubble wrap. Paper paper paper paper paper. Paper. Box. Stuff! Box box. Paper paper paper paper paper. Stuff! I have a love-hate relationship with unpacking.