Yes, I am still alive. Between work, other bloggery, twitter and other projects (coming soon), this blog has fallen by the wayside I’m afraid. Still, I’m posting this! Which is a really lame way of keeping it ticking over. Sorry. Hopefully, the Other Half will post some news soon that she’s been waiting to talk […]


I have previously dealt with the notion of the cliché on this blog, and closely related to that is the notion of the archetype. An archetype is an ideal example of a type, to give the dictionary definition. Carl Jung also made use of the term to define an inherited unconscious idea. Plato’s ideas can […]

In medias res

A while ago there was an episode of the DnD podcast from Wizards of the Coast that had a tip for DMs to start every session with the players rolling initiative. This usually indicates that combat, or at least some action sequence, is about to play out and initiative determines the order that the characters […]