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Sub-surface scattering with CDRF

Introduction In this paper, Kubo, Dobashi and Morishima present a compelling case for using a curvature dependent reflectance function (CRDF) to simulate sub-surface scattering. The basic idea is that smaller objects with higher curvature exhibit more noticeable sub-surface scattering than flatter ones. Using photon mapping with spheres, the authors found a reasonable relationship between the […]

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The Big Blue C

I was fine when he said it was cancer. I was still fine when we discussed different types of cancer and the prognosis for each. I was even fine when we discussed the relative merits of compassionate euthanasia. What got me was this line in the printed client instructions: Indulge him in whatever he wants. […]

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Outside Lands

A really quick post between bouts of caring for Eddie with short reviews of bands I saw at Outside Lands last weekend. Gogol Bordello Everything I’d hoped that a Gypsy Punk band would be. Thick accents, an accordion, charisma, and tonnes of energy. My Morning Jacket I just kept wishing it was Radiohead up there […]

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What a guy! Makes you cry. Und I did.

Eddie is ill. This should not be a surprise; he is, after all, fifteen years old which is a fair stretch for a dog. What is a surprise is the suddenness with which his illness has affected him. We always knew about the  swollen liver, the heart murmour, the chronic ear infection, and the hardening […]

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Droid Love part 2

Part 1 is here. It took a little more than an hour to end up with this. It was so much fun to get all the details right on R2, but I’m not sure I like it as much now that it’s complete. I think when I ink it, I will simplify him a bit […]

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Droid Love part 1

Katie Cook, the expert in all things in the intersection of the sets Star Wars and Adorable, asked via Twitter for ideas for one of her mini paintings. Side note, I picked up one of her mini paintings of Yoda at SDCC and loooove it; if you get the chance to get one, do so. […]

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SDCC part 2

I’ve been planning a relatively long post detailing my weekend at San Diego Comic-Con but there’s just far too much to write about. Instead I’ll just give an overview of all the bits that were in between my favourite bits.

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