Life is like a grapefruit

Why I am a terrible reviewer

I like everything. I mean, I don’t love everything, but I get enjoyment out of almost everything I experience, whether it’s a book, comic, album, or movie. Of course, I enjoy some more than others, and I revisit some of them again and again, but I find it really hard to name something that I […]

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Outside Lands

A really quick post between bouts of caring for Eddie with short reviews of bands I saw at Outside Lands last weekend. Gogol Bordello Everything I’d hoped that a Gypsy Punk band would be. Thick accents, an accordion, charisma, and tonnes of energy. My Morning Jacket I just kept wishing it was Radiohead up there […]

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I really need to practice playing my guitar more. Joscho Stephan, John Jorgeson, Richard Smith and Helmut Eisel showing everyone how it’s done. (via boingboing)

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How have I never seen this before today? Cardiacs video for Tarred and Feathered. (via coilhouse)

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When shuffle just works

iPod: Morning Dom, how about we start with a little Maiden. Dom: Ok, but make it something chilled. iPod: Infinite Dreams? Dom: Perfect. iPod: Time to step it up a gear: Sell Out by the Levellers good? Dom: Great. I need to wake up a bit. iPod: Let’s not get too perky, I fancy slowing […]

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