I think I’m going bald

There comes a time in most men’s lives when they look at their father’s and grandfather’s hair lines and think about when they will lose their hair. I was pleased to see that the men on my father’s side of the family maintained a strong widow’s peak, though their hairline receded. My hair started receding, and my forehead growing, since my early teens, so I felt pretty confident that I would at least keep most of my hair.

My wife and I had a deal that should I start to lose my hair, she would let me know when it was time to start shaving it off to retain some dignity. About six months ago, she started to look at my hair and quirk an eyebrow. I knew it was time for one more hairstyle before never being able to support one again. So for once I went in to a hair dresser with an idea of a hair style I wanted, and left feeling really good about my hair. A couple of months later I went in again and noticed that my hair dresser was taking a lot more effort to work my hair forward. I left feeling significantly worse.

This week, I realised that the front of my hair, what I thought would be the strong peak of my hair into old age, had become fuzzy and thin. Before it could become isolated into the dreaded unicorn style, it was time to take action.

This is the last hair style I will ever have, and I’m ok with that.

Happy Muttville Senior Dog Rescue Day

It’s Muttville Senior Dog Rescue Day in the City of San Francisco.

As a failed foster parent of a Muttville rescue 1 I can’t recommend or praise Muttville highly enough for the work they do with senior dogs who have been abandoned by their families.

Rescuing a senior dog can be fraught with difficulty as they often come with problems, but it can also be extremely rewarding as all they really want is warmth, love, and food 2. Muttville recognises this and works hard with their volunteers and foster families to find homes for these forgotten old pooches.

It is wonderful that the City of San Francisco has chosen to celebrate and recognise their hard work, and I’m proud to be a part of the Muttville community.

  1. Failed as in I ended up adopting the little bugger.
  2. And shoft toilet paper, if Cohen is to be believed.