Life is like a grapefruit

Here’s a potentially very silly, but also very fun, way to make fake album covers for fictional bands. Here’s my first effort. Actually, I like this so much I’m going to keep it for when I’m a rock star! Courtesy of @RonKJeffries. Picture courtesy of Rachel Lake.

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I love a sausage

One thing about moving countries that is often overlooked is the problem of finding new versions of home comforts. Whether it’s the channel that shows the rugby (or where to find it online) or where to find the best pizza, these are the things that make your new life in your new country easier and […]

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Runhello – Jumpman Game

Link: Runhello – Jumpman Game I love the idea of taking simple game ideas and exploiting new technology to make them special. Whether it’s rendering techniques, or just adding physics and a z-buffer, the effects can be wonderful. Also, this video reminded me of Repton, which I haven’t thought of in years, and made me […]

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No, I’m not posting this here as a reminder to myself to buy this t-shirt. I’m posting it so that it gets the love it deserves. And so that I remember to buy it. zombie mario must have run out of extra lives on [technabob]

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The Great Purge revisited

I was browsing the Google Analytics statistics for this blog and noticed a couple of odd things in the results for search keywords used to find it. Firstly, more people find this blog searching for my wife than for me, which has now encouraged more healthy competition in the Hamon household, as if more was […]

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As most people know who read this blog, at least two of the three of you, I’m a software engineer working in the games industry. Most software engineers eventually specialise in some field or other, whether it’s gameplay, audio, AI or something else. Somehow, I never have. I’ve remained a generalist; a jack of all […]

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I love this integration, but I am concerned about having my twitter password saved by a third party. staff: Tweet from Tumblr We’re testing Twitter integration on Tumblr. You can set it up by going to the special address: This will automatically send your Tumblr posts to Twitter (you can toggle this when posting). […]

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A fitting tribute to Ricardo Montalban if ever there was one. Star Trek Opera (via hesdeadjim)

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Raising the dead

It seems we can learn from our mistakes! Obligatory warning: This is another DnD post. This weekend’s DnD session was the one where I first found out if my party were going to raise me from the dead or if I was going to have to roll up a new character. I am not yet […]

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Smallest exoplanet yet found | Bad Astronomy

Link: Smallest exoplanet yet found | Bad Astronomy Stories like this just blow my mind. The mere fact that there are people with the technology and skills to make such delicate measurements is enough to amaze me, but add to that that what they’re measuring are planets orbiting other stars and I find myself stunned. […]

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