Runhello – Jumpman Game

Link: Runhello – Jumpman Game I love the idea of taking simple game ideas and exploiting new technology to make them special. Whether it’s rendering techniques, or just adding physics and a z-buffer, the effects can be wonderful. Also, this video reminded me of Repton, which I haven’t thought of in years, and made me […]

I love this integration, but I am concerned about having my twitter password saved by a third party. staff: Tweet from Tumblr We’re testing Twitter integration on Tumblr. You can set it up by going to the special address: This will automatically send your Tumblr posts to Twitter (you can toggle this when posting). […]

San Francisco: The Settling-In Days

stripy-riding-hood: So I guess the question is: What have you done to make yourself a better person for yourself and not for others? What have you done that makes you feel that slightly more comfortable in your own skin and what will you do now onwards? I’ve reprioritised my life. Work is still important, and […]