I love this integration, but I am concerned about having my twitter password saved by a third party.


Tweet from Tumblr

We’re testing Twitter integration on Tumblr. You can set it up by going to the special address: http://www.tumblr.com/settings?twitter

This will automatically send your Tumblr posts to Twitter (you can toggle this when posting). If you have people following you in both places, it’s an easy way to stay active on Twitter, or just to let your Twitter followers know about your Tumblr posts.

If you’re like us, and only follow a few people on Twitter, you should try enabling “Show Twitter updates in my Dashboard” to get all of your friends’ updates in one place.

Smallest exoplanet yet found | Bad Astronomy

Link: Smallest exoplanet yet found | Bad Astronomy

Stories like this just blow my mind.

The mere fact that there are people with the technology and skills to make such delicate measurements is enough to amaze me, but add to that that what they’re measuring are planets orbiting other stars and I find myself stunned.

Sadly, I’m sure this will illicit the over-excitable press to extend the findings to something more than they are which will just lead to disappoint me down the road when they should be focusing on how wonderful even this is. We don’t need to find an Earth-like planet in an Earth-like orbit to congratulate our scientists on a job well done.

San Francisco: The Settling-In Days


So I guess the question is: What have you done to make yourself a better person for yourself and not for others? What have you done that makes you feel that slightly more comfortable in your own skin and what will you do now onwards?

I’ve reprioritised my life. Work is still important, and I adore my chosen career and will never stop striving to improve myself in that area, but it is no longer going to rule my life as it has done. While it isn’t always possible to make more time for family and personal projects, I’m certainly focusing more on them.

What about you? You didn’t answer your own question.