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San Francisco crime rates mapped as elevations

Link: San Francisco crime rates mapped as elevations I’m a sucker for fun ways to present data at the best of times, but this is presented particularly beautifully: Doug McCune has taken Crime rates in San Francisco and used them as elevations on a map of the city (via laughingsquid).

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One week

The title of this post is misleading: The family has been in San Francisco for more than a week, and I’ve been at work at the new job for two weeks, but somehow it feels like this is the first week that I’ve actually been here. I obviously can’t write much about what I’m up […]

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Finest worksong

Today was the first day of my new job. I’ve posted before about how I felt different about this change of job, as I already knew the people and what was going on at the company, however that really didn’t prepare me for actually being there. I spent 45 minutes on a bus getting to […]

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I’m a legal alien

Image by Jose P Isern Comas via Flickr That was a significantly simpler process than I expected. The plan was to get up at 0600, deal with Oliver, make sure everything was in order so the packers could work without supervision for the day and get to the US embassy by 0745. A mixture of […]

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It’s really gone and begun now

Eight days to go until we fly out of here and into SFO. Today is the day things really kicked into gear. We get three opportunities to get our stuff from here to there: The luggage we carry, an air shipment with volume and weight limits, and a sea shipment with volume limits. They arrive, […]

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8 days Sunset on the Golden Gate Bridge by Wiggum3

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Just in time for my move to San Francisco: A detailed look at just how bad things can get if a big earthquake hits. Click through for a super detailed high-resolution version.

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