Box. Box box box. Box box. Bubble wrap. Paper paper paper paper paper. Paper. Box. Stuff! Box box. Paper paper paper paper paper. Stuff! I have a love-hate relationship with unpacking.

Letter from America

The last time we left him, our hero was boarding a Singapore Air plane bound for San Francisco. Let’s see what happened next. The Singapore Air experience was, as always, fantastic. Food every three hours, drinks every hour, and a really comfortable seat. We had a transit stop in Hong Kong that was vaguely ridiculous: […]

Leaving on a jetplane

“Today” has been going on now for something like 35 hours, but I’m too numb in the brain to figure it out exactly. It started on Tuesday morning in Singapore with the chaps who were meant to pick up the last of our boxes not showing up, and the co-ordinator explaining that they’d get there […]

The anxiety of an absence of anxiety

Yesterday, the packers finished packing up and left us with a mostly empty apartment. This moment also signifies the end of the week of stress. It means that everything we had to do before being ready to move on Tuesday is done. You’d think that this feels fantastic, right? The trouble is that I’ve become […]

I’m a legal alien

Image by Jose P Isern Comas via Flickr That was a significantly simpler process than I expected. The plan was to get up at 0600, deal with Oliver, make sure everything was in order so the packers could work without supervision for the day and get to the US embassy by 0745. A mixture of […]

When the mover comes around

Today is the day that the last two weeks have built up to. The moving company is in and they’re packing up the house. They’ll finish packing today and then load everything into a container tomorrow, which means one night surrounded by boxes and then life in an empty house apart from a couple of […]