The perfect gift

Sometimes, you get the perfect gift. The gift that my wife bought me for Christmas finally arrived today, and it is every bit as awesome as she promised that it would be. Presents are kept as great secrets in this house, and when it didn’t arrive for Christmas, she was very upset, and insisted that […]

From Not Only… But Also, everything you could want to know about Alan A Dale. Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, the two geniuses behind this show, are staples of British Comedy from the 1960s. They predate Monty Python and were clear influences on the sometimes surreal, always just plain silly, humour. Sadly, the original tapes […]

A trailer for Black Dynamite, courtesy of Boing Boing. It took me until half-way through the trailer to realise that this isn’t a classic blaxploitation movie that I hadn’t heard of, but is a new movie coming soon. And it looks fantastic in glorious anamorphic duovision!

Net-based pressure forces UK government to cancel plans to make MPs’ expenses secret – Boing Boing The words ‘hope’ and ‘change’ are being bandied around rather a lot at the moment, but it’s stories like this that actually deserve those epithets. This is a fantastic example of how democratic politics is supposed to work: The […]

The Real Thing

I always love the Schroeder strips from Peanuts as they had a wonderfully surreal air. When I read them I felt sometimes that I was missing part of the dialogue between the characters. Now, it seems, I have an answer: Schroeder Played Real Beethoven in Charles M. Schulz’s ‘Peanuts’ Strip – courtesy of Neil […]

Today I died again

I died today. Those damn spiders with their poison were just too much for me. Oh, I should probably explain that I’m talking about DnD. And right about now, a whole bunch of you who are not interested can tune out and come back when I write something about something else. Of course, if you […]