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Star Trekkin’

My review of Star Trek Into Darkness can be succinctly written: As a film, I enjoyed it. As a Star Trek film, I didn’t. There are two specific reasons why it didn’t work for me as a Star Trek movie. First, after the first J J Abrams movie, I was encouraged that they’d found a way to […]

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I really want this on a t-shirt. scarlettohara: Anatomy of a tribble from the Starfleet Reference Manual book I wish I could put my ~bio major skills to good use and dissect one.

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Surreal Dialogue Replacement

Link: Surreal Dialogue Replacement This is just sublime: The Day Job Orchestra do a perfect job of overdubbing Star Trek: The Next Generation with surreal dialogue. (via mental_floss)

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Just Khan’t Get Enough

This may or may not be a surprise, given where I work, but sometimes geeky questions are asked, and geeky responses are necessary. After one such conversation regarding how many ‘a’s are canon for the imperative “Khaaan!”, I decided further investigation was necessary: It is clear that a strong power law relation is present for […]

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The perfect gift

Sometimes, you get the perfect gift. The gift that my wife bought me for Christmas finally arrived today, and it is every bit as awesome as she promised that it would be. Presents are kept as great secrets in this house, and when it didn’t arrive for Christmas, she was very upset, and insisted that […]

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Thank you to Wil Wheaton for this 5 minutes that made my night.

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