Life is like a grapefruit

Don’t believe what you read

I’m an atheist. More than that, if I find out that you believe in a higher power there’s a good chance that I will think less of you. I’ve tried not to, really I have, but if I learn that you need to believe in a supernatural being to make sense of the world instead […]

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Speed: Give me what I need

Do you host your site through dreamhost? If not, you should. They’re fantastic and great. In fact, they just got even more fantastic: If you already use them, you should totally go and turn this feature on. Go ahead, I’ll wait here. To save you reading their blog post: They have enabled mod_pagespeed as […]

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So long, LucasArts

I have a lot of things to thank LucasArts for. If it wasn’t for Day of the Tentacle, Monkey Island, X-Wing, Tie Fighter, or the Dark Forces games, I would not have been drawn to programming as a career, and specifically game development. Without the opportunity they gave me to lead the game development team […]

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As most people know who read this blog, at least two of the three of you, I’m a software engineer working in the games industry. Most software engineers eventually specialise in some field or other, whether it’s gameplay, audio, AI or something else. Somehow, I never have. I’ve remained a generalist; a jack of all […]

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I can stop whenever I want

I bet you’d thought I’d forgotten all about you, and was going to continue with lame updates that were just reblogs of other peoples’ far more inspired efforts. Well I didn’t, but I have been incredibly busy. Playing WoW. Well not just that, though it was the focus of the weekend. I’m getting ahead of […]

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Finest worksong

Today was the first day of my new job. I’ve posted before about how I felt different about this change of job, as I already knew the people and what was going on at the company, however that really didn’t prepare me for actually being there. I spent 45 minutes on a bus getting to […]

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Last day of work

Last time I touched on this subject, I ended up writing more about starting the new job than leaving the old one. I’d like to remedy this by writing now about today: My last day at work. I suppose my usual feeling when leaving one job to go to another is terror. The anxieties of […]

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T-24 days

It is 24 days until I fly out to yet another country to start at a new company. This time, and there have been a few times already, it’s a bit different as this will be an internal transfer. I’m writing about this now because this week everything has really kicked into gear: The relocation […]

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