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Last day of work

Last time I touched on this subject, I ended up writing more about starting the new job than leaving the old one. I’d like to remedy this by writing now about today: My last day at work.

I suppose my usual feeling when leaving one job to go to another is terror. The anxieties of how the last day will go kick in, as well as the concerns I mentioned previously about the new job.

Again, this time as a transfer between sibling companies, it’s very different. I feel more like I’m going on vacation for a couple of weeks and then going back to a different team rather than a whole new company. I’m truly excited about the future and I don’t feel that I’m leaving my team here behind as I’m sure I’ll still be involved with them at some level.

I’ve written the farewell email ready to send out later. I’ve included the embarassingly long list of contact methods for people (a couple of IM alternatives, social networking sites, email addresses…) and the obligatory Douglas Adams quote. All that is left is to walk out of the door in six hours.

Aaw, now I’ve made myself feel melancholic. Perhaps a lunchtime beer is required…

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