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T-24 days

It is 24 days until I fly out to yet another country to start at a new company. This time, and there have been a few times already, it’s a bit different as this will be an internal transfer.

I’m writing about this now because this week everything has really kicked into gear: The relocation company have contacted me, IT have started arranging the transfer of my email (3Gb of email in one year, and that’s after trimming out things I don’t need to keep for reference) and the flight is finally booked, with room for Oliver.

At this point in the process in the past, I’ve had a similar feeling to when I was looking forward to starting at a new school: What faux-pas will I make on my first day? Will I encounter any cliques? If I make friends, will they be the right friends?

This time, however, I already know many of the people I will be working with and I know how the company functions. I am aware of the internal politics and the political factions that have formed over different issues. I’m left wondering if I will be treated differently by them than if I was starting completely fresh. If so, will it be a more positive experience, or a more ‘constructive’ one?

PS – Squeeeeee! New country, new city, new job!

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