The Great Purge revisited

I was browsing the Google Analytics statistics for this blog and noticed a couple of odd things in the results for search keywords used to find it. Firstly, more people find this blog searching for my wife than for me, which has now encouraged more healthy competition in the Hamon household, as if more was needed.

The second is that the third highest ranking keyphrase used to find the blog is “how did the great purge end”. I know why this would give my blog as a result, but it did make me wonder why someone would be searching for this. Searching for it myself, I found that it refers to the Great Purge, the period in the early 20th century when Stalin orchestrated a series of campaigns of persecution and political repression in the Soviet Union.

It makes me laugh to see that I rank just below Stalin when people are looking for such a key historical moment. I can only wonder at those people who read this blog expecting to find some political essays and finding my ramblings about throwing away board games!

In fact, I think it might have to be my new tagline. “Dominic Hamon: almost as popular as Stalin”.

I love this integration, but I am concerned about having my twitter password saved by a third party.


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