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SDCC part 2

I’ve been planning a relatively long post detailing my weekend at San Diego Comic-Con but there’s just far too much to write about. Instead I’ll just give an overview of all the bits that were in between my favourite bits.

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My favourite moments of SDCC

Disclaimer: These are my personal favourite moments. There were almost certainly more interesting and exciting things going on at SDCC, and I certainly saw more and did more than is in this post, but I wanted to boil it down to the moments that meant the most to me. Milo Manara Mirto introduced me to […]

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SDCC part 1

I arrived in San Diego! The last couple of days at work have been agony as my twitter feed kept reminding me about all the awesome things I was missing. Finally today I got out of work and jumped on a plane. Two hours of listening to the two chaps next to me (an IT […]

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