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SDCC part 1

I arrived in San Diego!

The last couple of days at work have been agony as my twitter feed kept reminding me about all the awesome things I was missing. Finally today I got out of work and jumped on a plane. Two hours of listening to the two chaps next to me (an IT consultant and a hard-drive salesman) incessantly natter on about, well, hard-drives was irritating, but the flight could have been much worse.

I am now in my hotel room, which is enormous, a midnight and have spent the last thirty minutes trying to decide if i should hop downtown on the offchance that I can find a party to crash. I think I’m going to play the sensible card and skip tonight. I’m really sad that I missed the @geekgirls tweetup as i seems a great time was had by all, and they had a fantastic turn-out. 

My plan is to get up early, figure out the light rail system, and get my convention badge. Then walk in to the convention center before being stunned and overwhelmed by it all. I will then proceed to miss all the panels I planned to see before finding somewhere to have an adult beverage in the evening.

Oh, and I will get a voodoo doll from LucasArts, dammit.

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