Droid Love part 1

Katie Cook, the expert in all things in the intersection of the sets Star Wars and Adorable, asked via Twitter for ideas for one of her mini paintings. Side note, I picked up one of her mini paintings of Yoda at SDCC and loooove it; if you get the chance to get one, do so. And the “Fuck You Box” book. Anyway, I suggested R2-D2 falling in love with a flip-top garbage can, and immediately realised that I wanted to draw it myself.┬áNow, to put this into perspective, I haven’t drawn anything for something like twenty years so this was a giant step into the unknown for me.

First, I needed to plan what I was going to draw:

Ground-breaking stuff, right? Watch out, Caravaggio, I’m coming for your crown.

I needed to get my idea down on paper, and this was the quickest, dirtiest sketch I could do. Actually, I quite like it and was tempted to leave it at this stage. But I didn’t, and I’ll post the next step another time.

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