Life is like a grapefruit

It’s an insert-thing-here off!

We are purging. As we unpack into our wonderful, but smaller, apartment in SF, it is time to rationalise and minimise and lots of other ise’s. So far, purging has hit the t-shirt collection, the tupperware collection, the jumper sweater collection, and today it was the turn of the bedsheet and towel collection.

While it’s not possible on such short notice to get David Bowie to officiate, the favoured method this time, which has been more successful than previous attempts, has been to hold a ‘<thing-we-need-to-purge> off’. Essentially, the items in question are put up head-to-head and the favourite from each selection goes through, while the unfavoured is put in the pile to go. Once the winners are put away, runners up are allowed to fill in any remaining space.

And yes, everything that is purged is going to charity.

Of course, we retain the right to veto decisions too, if there’s a sentimental reason to keep something. And yes, dammit, it is possible to be sentimental about a tupperware pot that was used to hold the first batch of hummus the hamon family made together. That’s not weird at all.

I’m also putting together a site for some personal projects, and I’ve decided to use the same technique to pick the font for the logo. So far it’s worked well. I’m looking forward to seeing which other parts of my life I can extend the ‘<thing> off’ technique to. It does need a more catchy name before I write the best-selling book about it and get on Oprah…

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