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Putting it all out there

This weekend I finally finished a project 1 and made it publicly available. This is the first time I’ve put software that I’ve developed on my own out there and I’ve been running the gamut of emotions over it. I suspect the feelings I’m going through are something akin to a musician putting out an album, or an actor having their performance on the big screen, only much much geekier.

Obviously, there’s anxiety: Will anyone download it and use it? Will it work for them? What will the reviews be like, if I’m lucky enough to get any?

Then, there’s exhilaration: I’m checking Analytics every couple of hours and seeing people find it, finding out people from Animation Mentor are reading about it, ‘liking’ links to it, and even downloading it.

There’s a touch of doubt: It’s not really completely finished; maybe I should have waited before making it public.

But overall, there’s a sense of satisfaction: I’ve been tinkering with personal projects for years and have never made it to the point of a beta release. It seems this utility might actually make some peoples’ work a little easier, and just seeing that a handful of people have downloaded it and are, presumably, using it has inspired me to finish it properly and start working on versions for other platforms.

  1. Well, got a project to the point where it’s usable by others ↩︎

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