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Let’s get physical


The other day, I saw this followed shortly after by this. I felt inspired: here is an exercise routine that I can do without gadgets, without a gym, without memorising weights and rep counts.

So I started two days ago to just do a few every day and see what happens.

Day 1: Two burpees in I realised just how hard they are to do (insert caveat about my fitness level here). I made it to 35 total over four sets.

Day 2: I expected it to get easier for some reason, but I’m in pain. I have muscles aching that have clearly never been used in my day-to-day life sitting at a desk typing. Should I be surprised? I made it to 40 total over four sets, but it HURT.

I don’t think I have the right form as I’m just not strong or fit enough, but I think that will come as I continue to do them. I just have to keep pushing myself to try to do them ‘right’.

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