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Don’t fuck it up

Four years ago, Mirto and I arrived in the US from Singapore. When we boarded the plane at Changi International airport we didn’t know who would be president when we landed. When we arrived at San Francisco International airport, the ebullience and jubilation made it clear that a horrible mistake had been avoided.

I’d like to think that today, someone is about to arrive in the US and they won’t know who will be president when they land. For their sake, if not the sake of the millions of Americans, temporary, and permanent residents who share this country, make the right call.

First of all, vote. Even if your political views don’t match mine, vote. There are so many people who don’t have the right to have their voice heard in this world, and you do. Use it, don’t waste it.

Secondly, vote responsibly. If you can figure out the policies behind the posturing and can filter out the bullshit and the sound-bites, get a sense of what each candidate would bring to the presidency, and what their residency in the White House would bring to the country, and to you.

Lastly, don’t vote for the nutjob. You have two realistic choices: An incumbent that has had a measurably successful presidency, or a candidate who has said whatever is necessary in the moment to win over the people he’s speaking to. That candidate who, whenever he speaks, shows how out of touch he is with the people who live in this country. The candidate who, whenever he speaks, is inconstant and often downright dangerous for the rights of half the people who live in this country.

Vote. And vote Obama.

Don’t fuck it up for those of us who can’t.

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One thought on “Don’t fuck it up”

  1. Keith Hamon says:

    2012/11/06 at 18:18

    I did vote, and I didn’t fuck it up. :-)


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