Life is like a grapefruit

Living in a Box

On a recent trip to IKEA a few sweet toys were purchased along with baskets to put them in. Guess which was the most popular.    

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Castle in the cloud

As I get to grips with thinking about the future with the weighty responsibility of another actual person depending on me for survival and development, it’s tempting to attempt to recreate my childhood for her. My childhood was pretty special, as it happens. I grew up on a small island, with close friends living nearby, […]

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Sweet Child O’ Mine

Today is the last day I won’t be a parent. I feel like I should write something about this, about how it feels, but I’m not sure I can even begin to collect and analyse all the busyness in my head. So where to start? Firstly, I thought I’d be anxious, but I’m not particularly. […]

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