Life is like a grapefruit

In which the word ‘intereading’ is coined

In between ending my old job and starting my new job, I had 10 weeks off. In that 10 weeks I started a lot of the little projects that have been on my mind (and finished none, of course): a z80 emulator (the cpu from a gameboy) and some bits of the graphics processor, a short story, the start of a longer story, an iPad version of the old Fighting Fantasy books (which someone beat me to releasing), and an iPad framework for developing old-school text adventure games. Most of these projects were just clearing out dusty corners of my cerebral filing cabinet, but I was most excited about playing with the notion of books and interactivity on the iPad.

This next bit may seem like a non-sequitur, but i’ll pull it all back together in a bit. I promise.

I’ve admired Oliver Jeffers‘ work for ages. I own a few of his books, have a large print of his in the bedroom, and have a tattoo appointment booked to get a tattoo inspired by another of his images.

Here’s where this post comes back together: This is one of those ideas that I wish I’d had. It’s a version of Oliver Jeffers’ latest book, The Heart and the Bottle, developed for iPad with beautiful, whimsical interactions for the reader.

As an aside, we’re probably going to want to start using a more active noun for someone who reads interactive books. An interacter, perhaps? Or intereader?

Anyway, I cannot wait until there are more books like this, and if I was a kid I would interead this over, and over again.

Who am I kidding; I will be intereading it over, and over.

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