Life is like a grapefruit

In which the word ‘intereading’ is coined

In between ending my old job and starting my new job, I had 10 weeks off. In that 10 weeks I started a lot of the little projects that have been on my mind (and finished none, of course): a z80 emulator (the cpu from a gameboy) and some bits of the graphics processor, a short […]

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November rain

First, the great news: My better half has a permanent job! She’s been working on contract for a while and they finally realised, as I did some time ago, that they couldn’t possibly live without her and have insisted she stay on. Now, the less good news: As part of her new permanent contract, our […]

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I wrote a really long post here detailing the last couple of days, covering Thanksgiving, Black Friday, eating too much, drinking way too much, and generally struggling to get to all systems working within operational parameters. However, I don’t really want this blog to just be a journal of events that I might look back […]

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Writing in the dark

I thought that I’d survived jetlag. I was clearly wrong. After a very tiring day yesterday, during which I walked nearly 3km with an enormous bag of dog food thanks to getting lost and not finding a cab, I crashed early at 7.30pm. I like to think of the walk of doom as my own […]

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Learning to fly

I started my novel today. It’s part of the NaNoWriMo project to write 50,000 words in a month that I have mentioned previously. In the few hours since I began, I have managed to write 372 words. Given that I should be writing 1,667 a day, and that I’m aiming for 2,000 a day to […]

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What I need right now, is another project

I often have many things on the go. Most of the projects have the same life-cycle: I start incredibly enthusiastic, solve the main ‘problem’ involved in the project, and then get bored before completing it. I’ve tried recently to break this cycle and I keep telling myself that the reason I’m not finishing the One […]

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